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I am an absolute Book-o-holic. There is nothing better then getting swept into a great story till you can no longer differentiate your feelings from those flowing from the pages. I love living hundreds of lives thru my books. There is something so therapeutic about being able to "click off" and let my mind wander in the most amazing places. My love affair with books is unparalleled and now I have a blog to share my passion. BOOKWORMS UNITE! We were a dying breed that has made a ferocious comeback.

Goddess Interrupted - Aimee Carter I really am so intrigued with this storyline but the writing is just poor. The characters aren't enthralling and the story often takes weird turns which I usually find interesting these are just completely nonsensical. I feel like she's leading up to something monument outs and then it sputters out and becomes how much Kate feels henry doesn't love her. Wahhhh wazhhhhh wahhhh. I need the characters to be more relatable. These are just plain silly if u ask me. God I want to like these books but they just are t that quality a d like I've stated before the storyline which is Awesome is wasted in the poor writing.