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I am an absolute Book-o-holic. There is nothing better then getting swept into a great story till you can no longer differentiate your feelings from those flowing from the pages. I love living hundreds of lives thru my books. There is something so therapeutic about being able to "click off" and let my mind wander in the most amazing places. My love affair with books is unparalleled and now I have a blog to share my passion. BOOKWORMS UNITE! We were a dying breed that has made a ferocious comeback.

I had a dream....

No I literally had a dream. I am not quoting the late great Martin Luther King. It was unlike any other dream I have ever had. I died. As morbid as this sounds this is what happened.  the absolutely crazy thing was the emotions I felt during it and the way it was so sequential. Most dreams you have a random cat eating a pop tart or a tree that gives away expired condoms telling you to get you life in order. This particular dream played out like the beginning of a story. I thought to myself  "hey you've got something here self." After some much needed inspiration from the wonderful man in my life I decided I should begin to write and what better way to stick the proverbial toe in the pool than to write a ...... Wait for it......BLOG. Duh duh duuuuuhhhh!!!!  While everyone and there cat has a blog these days I though so what!? This isn't attack of the killer blogs! It doesn't have to be what other people want because it's mine. So this being my first official blog post I'd like to congratulate myself for popping my bloggers cherry! *pats on back*  I am really excited to rant, rave, review or just shoot the breeze. I hope you like it. If not there is 2,484,898,090 other blogs you can read So :-p