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I am an absolute Book-o-holic. There is nothing better then getting swept into a great story till you can no longer differentiate your feelings from those flowing from the pages. I love living hundreds of lives thru my books. There is something so therapeutic about being able to "click off" and let my mind wander in the most amazing places. My love affair with books is unparalleled and now I have a blog to share my passion. BOOKWORMS UNITE! We were a dying breed that has made a ferocious comeback.

Taunting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles #2)

E penguara: Requiem për Linda B. - Ismail Kadaré So I had to literally wait a few days after I finished this book to write a review cause I had to process my emotions. This book was great! I have a hard time in the genre area being as I really enjoy young adult books. A lot of those book do not really have to much sexual content which is fine but sometimes u want that for the characters (sounds weird but think about it) anyway back to my point. This book was such a seamless blend of sexy Ryder content and a great story that I couldn't have been more pleased. I loved watching Synthia develop her feelings for Ryder until she was in to deep. And as for the cliffhanger ending I read in many of the reviews before mine. DO NOT BE put off by this. It isn't so much a cliffhanger as it is a totally new story line. So far this series is my favorite involving Fae.