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I am an absolute Book-o-holic. There is nothing better then getting swept into a great story till you can no longer differentiate your feelings from those flowing from the pages. I love living hundreds of lives thru my books. There is something so therapeutic about being able to "click off" and let my mind wander in the most amazing places. My love affair with books is unparalleled and now I have a blog to share my passion. BOOKWORMS UNITE! We were a dying breed that has made a ferocious comeback.

Awesome NA Dystopian

Switch - Janelle Stalder
This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review. 

So I was in like with this book from the blurb on. It was a great dystopian with some romance on the side. I love when my books have alittle dash of spice in them aka naughty scenes . This story revolves around a girl named Charlotte who was captured by the New World Army and it's cruel leader. Of course Charlotte isn't any regular teen she has the gift to read others minds. How cool would that be?! Feeling betrayed by her father for leaving them for dead, she joins up with the new world once she accidentally lets her secret out to the most dangerous man around, Roman Adamson. A huge part of the reason why she goes with the "enemy" is out of spite and a deep sense of self preservation.(view spoiler) In this world everyone is just doing what they can to stay alive, so often the lines between good and bad can get really blurry. That really appealed to me since it made things feel more real. In life the tough choices are rarely black and white. I really enjoyed the way the characters were written since they felt so relatable. None of them annoyed me which I think is a first.i really felt how everyone was touched by this awful war that is taking place in there own way. Most of them were pretty badass so I liked the fact that I could see there weaknesses thru there inner dialogue which was pretty snarky most of the time. This was pretty fast paced read for me and while it kept the book action and suspense packed it also seemed to rush a few of the relationships. (view spoiler) I also loved the way the characters were so intricately woven. The only thing I didn't like was how the book wrapped up. (view spoiler) With that being said this is Such a unique story. I really enjoyed this one and will be awaiting the sequel.