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Not so sparkly Vampires...

Vampire Origins - Project Ichorous - Riley Banks

I would like to state that i received this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have never been so conflicted on how to rate a book in my life. I ended up going with 4 stars since there is just so much that i love in this story. There is also somethings that really didn't work well for me. Overall this one crazy ride.

First of all let me be the first to say this is how i like my Vamps, most of them are mean, vindictive, and hold grudges for centuries. They can manipulate humans like marionettes, some with just a single thought, which all feeds into the suspenseful drama filled pages. These are so not your sparkly blood suckers. Even the youngest (by youngest i mean 300) gets in on the action. These are ruthless killers.

I cant even begin to break into the characters since there is so many but i really loved how the historical times lines were woven early on, Alex and Anna being the infamous Romanov children was a great touch. Vlad's history was interesting as well except i never really seemed to grasp his master plan. I thought the way the different vampire families were broken down and explained was extremely clever since it provided you a ton of information and still allowed the story to flow, it wasn't just a strait information feed.

The only downfall in my opinion was felt through out the book and i also believe that this is more personal preference. I appreciate what was trying to be done with the multitude of view points but i felt that is was more a a distraction then anything else. The storyline was great and every time i got into it it would pretty much end abruptly . It was great for the suspense but i think i lost a lot of information that was since i feel like i have many many unanswered questions. There was always so much going on due to so many characters i had to reference the list of people in the front to keep track. Also the ending wasn't quit what i expected either. It felt supremely rushed and then stopped so i was like GRRRRRRR!
But like i said this is just me. Other than the formatting i really liked how things went and cant wait to learn more in the upcoming books.